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CNN Blows!

Just so you know before hand I am posting this story as an example as to why us "amateurs" actually do things more efficiently and more democratic than the "experts." It tends to be a theme on this site I know. Besides Colts news is low right now so I have to rant about something!

So today I was just checking the news at work and I came across some political article at in which the poster took a stand politically to the right of Genghis Khan. Just for giggles I decided to post a comment about the article under the comment section. Mind you I did not use any profanity or any other language that I would deem offensive. After "posting" my comment I was greeted with this response…


"Thank you for contributing. Comments are moderated by CNN and will not appear on this story until after they have been reviewed and deemed appropriate for posting. Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments we receive, not all comments can be posted."


Ummmm what?! Do you mean that you are actually so lame as to filter all your comments before posting them on your site? I mean I go and put up with the trillions of ads you have on your site as well as your often poorly constructed stories so I figure I should be able to post a comment without your screeners pouring over it. Did I suddenly get sucked into a time warp and ended up in Germany circa 1942?

We in the blogosphere allow everyone to post on our site and there is zero "comment pre-approval" process because we adhere to open communication. Now if someone were to post something offensive (such as a racially charged post) then the comment would be taking down and then action might be taken against the poster, but we do not and never will, operate a screening program on here.

Besides its not as if anyone really cares about what CNN writers think anyway. What else can you expect out of a "news" network that spends most of its time discussing missing children cases ad nauseum than actually discussing and reporting the news.

The issue here is that sports "news" sucks and regular "news" sucks when reported by these supposed "experts" who are totally obsessed with sensationalism and have zero regard for the truth.