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Rosy Colvin: Come to your senses, man!

Adam Shefter of (tip to DoTheMathis98) says that two teams are vying for Rosevelt Colvin's services: the Colts and the Texans. With the Texans, Colvin has a chance to start because, well, aside from DeMeco Ryans the Texans LBers stink. If Colvin wants to up his sack totals and play for a contender, he'll pick the Colts. Realistically, Colvin will sign and play for the team that offers him the most



However, for Colvin, neither the Colts nor the Texans are going to break the bank on him. Let's face it, Colvin has been hurt a lot in his career, and is coming off a foot injury this off-season. He has not been durable enough to start in the NFL, and the best place for him is to play down on the line as a third down pass rusher. For the Colts, he's ideally suited for this at 6'2, 250 pounds. With a healthy Freeney on the other side, Colvin could really cash in on the sacks.

Of course, this is not to say he would suck in Houston. the Texans are a good up-and-coming team, but not contenders. Not yet. The Colts are, and if money is not the issue, then winning should be.

So please, Rosy, come to your sense and pick your hometown team. Because if you don't, our QB will kick your ass twice a year and enjoy doing it.