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Mike Hart really likes his team, thinks practice is "easy"

Ryan Wilson of AOL Fanhouse responds to some Mike Hart quotes in a Detroit Free Press article:

Good news: Colts sixth-round pick Mike Hart is pleasantly surprised by his NFL experience so far. Bad news: he's still got a lot of work to do to make the team amid a pretty crowded backfield.

"It's a little different," Hart said ... "The only surprise is it's not as tough as I thought it was going to be, as far as practice and those type of things ... It's more laid back."

... "Indianapolis is a different organization. You watch 'Hard Knocks' on HBO and you expect to be hazed and a lot of those things, but the Colts are a lot different. It's not as bad as I thought -- we don't get taped, we don't get hazed with the Colts."
Too bad the Colts didn't draft Erasmus James in 2005. Things might've turned out differently.

I think Hart's quotes are more praise for how the Colts practice than a revelation that he somehow thinks the NFL is "easy." Teams like the Cowboys and Chiefs are usually featured on HBO's "Hard Knocks," and unlike those teams the Colts have a fairly competent and professional coaching staff. Player hazing is not tolerated in the Colts locker room, and despite a team loaded with stars there are very few showboat-type players. This is pro football, not a frat house.

Maybe that was where Hart's comments were coming from, and not a sign that he thinks the Colts run a lazy camp, per Wilson's silly suggestion.