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Wes Welker should count his Rings before talking

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Patriots WR Wes Welker was speaking at a youth football camp on Friday about his experiences in the NFL, the "dagger" that was Super Bowl XLII, among other things.  It's a great thing that NFL players get out in there communities (this was in his hometown of Oklahoma City).  He also talked about his former teammate Asante Samuel, who signed a $57 million deal with the Eagles in the offseason.  Says Welker:

Welker expressed disappointment that the Patriots weren't able to re-sign Asante Samuel, an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection last season who won two Super Bowls with New England. Samuel instead signed a six-year, $57 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Asante's a great player, so it hurts not to have a guy like that. But then again, it's part of the business of the game," Welker said. "He chose money over championships, and that's the way it goes sometimes."

Here's a stat that even Terry can agree with:

Asante Samuel: 2 Championships

Wes Welker: 0 Championships

Welker has played for New England for 1 season, after spending the beginning of his career with the lowly Dolphins.  He was helped immensely by having a great QB throwing to him, and a great WR on the other side of the ball constantly drawing the defense's best defender(s).  And he didn't win a championship last season, and while they are the favorite in '08, there is no guarantee the Patriots will ever win a championship with Welker on the team.  Samuel has won 2 of them already.  And Philadelphia isn't some bottom dwelling team either.  They are a very good team stuck in a tough division.  They could easily make a run like the Giants did last season.

Samuel is reached the pinnacle of the sport twice.  It may make some players not worry so much about winning a title than others.  New England runs their franchise a certain way, and you can't really fault them for doing it the way they do.  They've had moderate success over the past decade.  Samuel wanted to make more than what New England would pay him, so he left. 

When Welker actually wins a championship, maybe then he can criticize people for "choosing money over championships."