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Is 3 years too early?

Yeah probably, but that isn't going to stop me. Since the players from the 2005 draft have only 3 years in the league (and few have seen significant time every year) there is a lot less information to go off of and more time for improvement. Because of this I'll streamline down the format.

WR Braylon Edwards- 1 PB, 2692 yards, 25 TDs

OLB DeMarcus Ware- 1 AP, 2 PB, 33.5 sacks, 3 year starter

OLB Shawne Merriman- 1 AP, 3 PB. 39.5 sacks, 3 year starter

OT Jammal Brown- 1 AP, 1 PB, 3 year starter

Colts Pick: CB Marlin Jackson- 3 INTs, 173 tackles, 2 year starter

OG Logan Mankins- 1 PB, 3 year starter

MLB Lofa Tatupu- 1 AP, 3 PB, 3 year starter, 8 INTs, 6.5 sacks, 262 tackles

RET Justin Miller- 1 PB, 3 KR TD, 2938 return yards

Colts Pick: Kelvin Hayden- 3 INTs, 118 tackles, 1 year starter

HB Frank Gore- 1 PB, 4457 yards, 18 TDs

LB Kirk Morrison- 3 year starter, 289 tackles, 6 INTs, 2 sacks

CB Ellis Hobbs- 3 year starter, 6 INTs, 2 KR TD

Colts Pick: Vincent Burns- 0 games played

HB Marion Barber- 1 PB, 33 TDs, 2760 yards

HB Brandon Jacobs- 1854 yards, 22 TDs, Kenton Keithesque receiving

S Kerry Rhodes- 3 year starter, 10 INT, 8 sacks, 213 tackles

Colts Pick: Dylan Gandy- 1 year starter

RET Darren Sproles- 2 RET TD, 2536 return yards

Colts Pick: Matt Giordano- 3 INTs, 45 tackles, blazing fast

DE Trent Cole- 1 PB, 25,5 sacks, 1 INT, 2 year starter

Colts Pick: Jonathan Welsh- 6 games played

LB Michael Boley- 3 year starter, 204 tackles, 4 INTs, 6 sacks

Colts Pick: Tyjuan Hagler- 43 tackles 1 sack

TE Bo Scaife- 2 year starter, 1077 yards, 6 TDs

DB Chris Harris- 3 year starter, 168 tackles, 6 INTs

Colts Pick: Dave Rayner- 2 year starter

QB Derek Anderson- 1 PB, 4580 pass yards, 34 TDs, TD:INT>1

CB Reynaldo Hill- 2 year starter, 6 INTs, 94 tackles

Colts Pick: Anthony Davis- 0 games played

FB Madison Hedgecock- 2 year starter

RET Josh Cribbs- 1 PB, 5 RET TD, 5065 return yards

My Picks

1. Marlin Jackson, CB has been a weak spot for the D for a long time so I can't pass on him.

2. Frank Gore, a beast in San Fransisco. Just think what he could do in a real offense.

3. Kerry Rhodes, he earned a contract similar to Sanders' for a 3rd rounder that's a steal. The 8 sacks likely means his can handle box duties and keep blocks off Bob, so he can do his thing.

4. Trent Cole, big enough to be a DE or Under Tackle, with great sack production. Freeney/Cole starting with Mathis spelling would be a terror.

4. Matt Giordano, a good special teams guy who can step into a starting role decently.

5. Micheal Boley, Atlanta's star defender. Boley makes plays.

5. Tyjuan Hagler, only the second starting LB of the Dungy era to be resigned past his rookie deal.

6. Reynaldo Hill, solid late round CB to fill the other CB spot

7. Josh Cribbs, the best kickoff returner in the game and he does punts well too.