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11 Days to training camp: What are you most excited about?


We've got 11 more days until players under contract are to report to training camp. The national media buzz will likely center on idiots like Chad Johnson, Pacman Jones, and the dysfunctional mess that is the Dallas Cowboys. For us, we have different interests. For me, I always get a little nervous because of the rookie signing situation, as you can see. As of today, no rookies for the Colts are signed. Hopefully, we will see some guys get inked this week.

In a post some time ago, you expressed the following interests in TC:

  • Roy Hall's development
  • Who is Eric Foster, and is he good?
  • Who starts: Pollak or Charlie?
  • Is Dwight healthy? Is Bob healthy?
  • Is Marvin Harrison done?
  • Tony Ugoh's development
  • More blitzing from the defense?
  • The running backs, in particular Dominic Rhodes and Mike Hart
  • Why was Pierre Garcon drafted, and who is Samuel Giguere?
  • Can the special teams FINALLY be good?

Now, after we've leanred more about guys like Pollak and have had to deal with typical off-season annoyances (like Tyjuan Hagler's injury), do other things perk your interest? Like, say, Philip Wheeler starting at SAM?