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How to have a heart attack: Wake up early morning and read Peyton Manning had unexpected knee surgery

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I'll re-iterate JakeTheSnake's advice to everyone: Relax. Like many of you, I logged onto Stampede Blue this morning expecting to read another of mgrex's excellent Greatest Manning Games posts or a potential update on rookie draft pick signings.

Instead, I get this foot to my nuts.

Actually, unlike last season's catastrophic injury to Dwight Freeney, this is not a hard, steel-toed foot to the jewels. It's more like when your friend hands you their infant or toddler to hold, and that kid accidentally drives his kicking foot into your crotch. The initial reaction is SON-OF-A-*#&%*! But, despite the pain and boiling anger, you don't drop the kid. You hand the demon back to whoever spawned it, sit down, and wait for the throbbing to stop. After about 10 minutes, you and your friend laugh about it.

That's what this news felt like.

Manning, preparing to enter his 11th season as the Colts’ starting quarterback, underwent a procedure to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee, Colts President Bill Polian said in a statement Monday evening.

The statement:

"Peyton Manning had an infected bursa sac removed from his left knee this afternoon. The procedure was routine. The Colts’ medical staff expects a full and complete return to action in four to six weeks.

"Peyton had been receiving conservative treatment for an inflamed bursa sac in consultation with the club’s medical staff since February, 2008. This course of treatmentwas productive until Peyton experienced increased pain and early signs of infection.

"Peyton will meet with the press as normally scheduled at the opening of training camp."

The Star insists that this news puts Manning's status as opening day starter against the Bears in doubt. I highly doubt that, but if it does happen then someone on the Colts medical staff should be FIRED! It's no secret that the Colts are terrible at handling and reporting injuries. They botched Marvin Harrison's last season, and came very close to IRing Dallas Clark in 2006 (which would have cost Indy a championship). The Colts medical staff does not have a good reputation with fans, and if Manning misses any real games because of this, fans will react negatively to the team and Bill Polian.

Now, before everyone in the AFC South throws a parade, let's set the record straight: Peyton Manning is expected to start Week One. This knee thing goes back to college (I'm told). So, it didn't just pop up out of no where. Manning is not a wide receiver, so comparing this injury to the Marvin Harrison knee fiasco is silly. There is no torn cartilage, broken bones, or tendinitis. It's a "routine" procedure. At least, it damn well better be.

So again, as the wise one JakeTheSnake said, calm down. Peyton Manning will be ready for the start of 2008 to lead the Colts to victory and kick the crap out of the AFC South (per usual). No need to worry, AFC South. Peyton will be there to kick your ass.