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Colts con fans on pre-season tickets?

Interesting take on the timing of Manning's knee injury (via 18 to 88):

The Colts are basically saying, "Sure, wait till the last minute so you can have a reason to ensure that everyone who pays for preseason tickets will spend the whole time checking out the new digs at Lucas Oil and not have any reason at all to watch the field." Manning is expected back in 4-6 weeks, basically just in time for the last preseason game.

Charging money for pre-season games is about as close to stealing money from customers as it gets for NFL teams. That, and charging $10 for a hot dog. The games are meaningless, and the only reason to go is so you can catch a glimpse of someone like Peyton Manning. Now, after selling a ton of pre-season tickets, OOPS! No Peyton. Sorry. Hope you like the new field.


I don't have a lot of sympathy here for the Colts here. It's not like they are strapped for cash. The new stadium was paid for by Hoosier taxpayers. The damn pre-season should be free! But whatever. I'll be optimistic and say the Colts did not intentionally without this knee surgery info just to con fans out of their money.

But I agree with 18 to 88. This does look shady.