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The Bright Side: Polian will get to see how sucky Jim Sorgi is

Jim Sogi, Maytag Repairman

via Deadspin

If there is a bright side to Peyton Manning missing a big chunk of training camp and pre-season it's that longtime back-up QB Jim Sorgi will get plenty of practice reps with the first unit. He will also play more snaps with the first unit offense during pre-season than any other time prior. This likely means management will finally see what we fans have suspected for a while.

That Sorgi stinks, and they need a better back-up QB.

Now, for me personally, I don't hate Jim Sorgi. I just don't think he has the tools to lead this team to wins if anything happens to Peyton. Now, if I'm wrong, this is Sorgi's opportunity to prove his worth. If he screws up, it simply re-inforces my stance. The key here is if he stinks it up, Bill Polian better damn well do something about replacing him.

I wrote an article several months ago about Chris Simms possibly finding his way to Indy as a back-up. Now, local Tampa Bay bloggers are starting to warm to this idea. Now, I admit the blog entry I have linked (via Buc'Em) is wrought with errors (they say Peyton will miss all of camp and part of the regular season, and they don't even list Sorgi as the Colts back-up), but it does give insight into what Simms might be thinking. If he wants to prove himself, what better place to do so than in Indy during pre-season minus Peyton Manning. Simms has struggled in Jon Gruden's hybrid West Coast offense, which seems so complicated that only 85-year-old grizzled QBs like Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Garcia can understand it.

In Indy, the Manning-Moore offense is tailor made for Simms' football knowledge and strong arm. He's an option the Colts should give serious consideration to, especially if Sorgi looks shaky even in the Hall of Fame game. Again, if there is a positive to this situation it is we will finally see what Jim Sorgi has in terms of talent. No more excuses. He either shows he has skill this pre-season, or the Colts have to find someone else to back-up Peyton.