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Know Your Colts History: Great View!

Fan 1: Can you believe this?

Fan 2: No I can't!

Fan 1: We just got seats for opening night for 5 bucks!  How awesome is that?

Fan 2: I'm sure there has to be some sort of catch, but hey, getting to see a Colts game live in person for $5 is a steal, regardless of the circumstances.

Fan 1: Yeah man!  I'm so stoked for tomorrow night!

[24 hours pass, and now our looking for their seats for the game.]

Fan 1: Alright, it says our seats should be right around here, so keep your eyes open.

Fan 2: I think I found 'em!  (Rushes to his seat)

Fan 1: Dude, that's a hot dog stand.

Fan 2: Oh...I knew that! (Climbs out of hot dog stand, covered in grease and relish)  I was just seeing if you were paying attention.

Fan 1: Yeah, okay.  Let's keep looking.  Here's a hint: If it says "Dogs to Addai for" on the side, that means th're not our seats.

Fan 2: Gotcha.

Fan 1: Alright, here we are.  The seats should be in this section.  Crap!

Fan 2: What's the problem?

Fan 1: Look at our seats!


Fan 2: Well, at least we're in the stadium.

Fan 1: Yeah, I guess you're right.  The view isn't great, but at least we can still have a good time.

Fan 2: I mean, only about 30 yards of the field is blocked.  Let's enjoy that other 70%!

Fan 1: Well that's easy for you to say, you've got the side where you can look around and see the other half of the field.  All I can see is the endzone.  If the Bears are headed this direction, I won't even get to see any of the game!

Fan 2: That stinks.  But at least you can see the sweet videoboard better than I can.  All I can see is the back of that guy's big, bald head.

Fan 1: Dude, that's Peyton's knee.

Fan 2: Aw, gross!  That thing is like the size of beach ball!

Fan 1: Yeah, but he's still moving pretty well out there.

Fan 2: I think the defense is afraid to touch that thing.  Just look at 'em, they don't want anything to do with him!

Fan 1: That might be it, but I wouldn't know because of THIS GIANT PILLAR IN FRONT OF MY FACE!

Fan 2: Oh yeah, sorry.

Fan 1: At least this beats watching the game from inside a hot dog stand.

Fan 2: Shut up.