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Picking another fight I'll lose

So I've second guessed all Polian's drafts with the aid of hindsight. Now I'll take him on with even footing. I'll re-do the 2008 picks with the players I wanted at the time (from the draft open thread and my blog posts pre-draft).

My pre-draft wish list for the second round pick

  • Chris Johnson
  • Trevor Laws
  • Matt Forte
  • Earl Bennet
  • Cliff Avril
  • Marcellus Bennet
  • Xavier Adibi

2. Cliff Avril, DE, Purdue, Lions. I wavered between him and Earl Bennet with Johnson, Laws and Forte gone. Avril leapfrogged Bennet on my last posted board so he's the pick. Avril is an athletic pass rushing end. He's undersized but not to the extent that Mathis or Marcus Howard is.

3. Xavier Adibi, OLB, Virginia Tech, Adibi is the prototype of a Tampa-2 WILL. He had already fallen past where most mocks had him at this point.

4. Marcus Howard, DE, Georgia, Colts, I love Howard and didn't expect him to be around this late (and especially still around in the 5th). Keenon Burton, Carlton Powell and Mike Hart were the next 3 on my board.

5. Mike Hart, RB, Michigan, Colts, not knowing Howard would last another round has me already behind. Robert Felton and Geno Hayes were my backup plans.

6a. Robert Felton, G Arkansas, Bills, I'm taking guys that went undrafted in the 6th. I'm either a genius or a moron.

6b. Erin Henderson OLB, Maryland, Vikings (see previous pick)

6c. Rudolph Hardie DE Howard, Lions (again see above)

6d. Doug Legurski C Marshall, Steelers, another undrafted!, wow I'm going to look awful when these guys don't make final rosters

7 Joey Haynos TE, Maryland, Packers, Titus Brown was the top guy off my board, but I'm changing the pick to my top rated TE since it was a need I didn't touch.