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Who was ... Jim Sorgi?

Let's learn a bit about the QB that will be at the helm when preseason opens.

Sorgi started only his senior season at Wisconsin throwing for 2,251 yards on 56.5 completion% with 17 TDs and 9 INTs.

POSITIVES: Solid athlete that's had minimal experience behind center but does possess an upside. Sets in the pocket with solid footwork, tough and stands in the face of pressure, taking a hit in order to get the pass off. Patient, goes through receiver progressions and scans the field to find the open receiver. Times the outs well and displays good arm strength in the short field.

A good athlete with a strong arm, footwork and patience. What else could you want?

NEGATIVES: Marginal accuracy and sprays his throws. Does not throw tight spirals and late getting the pass to receivers.

Oh yeah, accuracy. Sorgi's accuracy issues seem to have followed him to the Pros. He's completed a mediocre 61.1% of his passes, usually in mop up duty against backup, or disinterested DBs.

ANALYSIS: A tall skinny athlete that needs to add bulk to his frame, Sorgi must also improve his quarterbacking skills. Had a solid senior campaign and must keep the momentum going to make a practice squad.

Quarterbacking skills might be important for a quarterback. Did anyone make that joke on the must improve post?


I'm taking requests. I've found reports back through the 2004 draft. Who are you interested in seeing?