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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football

It's getting be that time folks, and this year we have much more to offer in way of... (gimme a drumroll, Ringo)...


SB Nation has partnered with AOL Fanhouse to create SB Nation The Fanhouse Leagues. Each SB Nation football blog has created a league specific for their blog. This allows you, the readers, to log into the league and play fantasy football with me and other Stampede Blue readers.


We're using Flea Flicker, which many of you used last year and said good things about. You should notice an ad on the front page of Stampede Blue, or anywhere on AOL Fanhouse. Click the link, find the Stampede Blue league, and resigster.

Of course, I have already created my team (The Peyton Manning Experience) and have first dibs on drafting Peyton. Well, ok... second part is a lie. Rules and regs of the league are coming. In the meantime, register and get ready for me to kick your ass!