Gray Area?

According to (the most slanted butching of journalism on the web), the Colts signed quarterback Quinn Gray.

Florio states that this move "could be interpreted as a sign that franchise quarterback Peyton Manning might not be recovered from knee surgery in time for the start of the regular season." since we signed a quarterback that can not even manage a game with other free agents out there like Daunte Culpepper, Aaron Brooks, and Byron Leftwich, we don't have faith in Peyton's recovery? More like he's just another camp body. If Florio thinks that we actually brought in Gray, who was cut earlier this season by the Texans for not catching on fast enough, to learn our playbook before preseason or even start a game of regular season, he's smoking something. I'd choose Sorgi.

Among other things, we're also supposed to have interest in Jared Lorenzen a.k.a. The Hefty Lefty. Who knows, maybe he could rotate into the offensive line?

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