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Know Your Colts History: Fat Chance


In every sport there are players that may not have a lot of discernable value, but they're decent backups that fans enjoy just so long as they don't have a major impact on the game that's being played.  Obviously, the man in the picture above me would fit that billing.  Granted, it's a tight fit, but a fit nonetheless.

Jared's presence on the Colts changes a lot of things for the Colts.   Mainly Jim Sorgi's sense of security and the team's food budget, but he'll have an impact on other parts of the team as well.  Plus, you all know this scene is going to happen at some point during training camp:

Jeff Saturday: I don't want you to make fun of him, just because he's different ... Aha ha ha! Hey look! That kids got bosoms! Has anybody got a wet towel? (begins chasing Jared, whipping him with a towel) Come here you butterball!

Jared: Don't make me run! I'm full of chocolate!


Personally, I think I'm going to love every minute that Jared is a Colt, but in all of the hoopla that comes with signing He Ate Me, let's not forget one very important point.

He might be our starting quarterback on opening night.

While we all remain confident that Peyton will be back in plenty of time for the first game of the season, we can't dismiss the possibility that he won't be ready.  If the unthinkable happens, we're left with 3 options at QB and if Sorgi can't hold on to his spot as backup QB and if it's no play for Mr, Gray, then we just might have to get used to a world where we have to think big.

I bet Joseph Addai wouldn't mind taking a few handoffs from Hefty Lefty: