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Josh Betts waived, Manning stays home

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As players filed into the Rose Hulman Institute, it seemed odd not to see Peyton Manning surrounded by reporters as he checked in. For the first time in ten years, Peyton was not at the first day of training camp. Per doctors orders, Peyton must remain at home in Indianapolis, with his leg immobilized and an IV in his arm. This is all to prevent his knee, which he just had surgery on, from getting infected. Peyton is expected back in camp in a few weeks, and he will likely play in the third or fourth pre-season game.

After the Colts signed QBs Quinn Gray and Jared "Battleship" Lorenzen, the cut longtime camp fodder QB Josh Betts.

Also, Rob-Westside made an interesting observation in these comments:

What do you want to bet that Santi stays unsigned until he’s ready to actually practice/play or they decide to IR him? With the hard 80 man cap on the roster (which now counts PUP players) a team as no reason to sign a rookie who is Physically Unable to Play. Agree to a deal, then hold off signing until he’s ready so you have 1 more body in camp. Makes sense to me.

And finally, please go to this Fan Post and recommend it. Like hearing your stories about why you love the Colts, I love reading people's stories about attending Colts games.