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Colts Training Camp 2008: Early reports say Session is starting SAM

Some early reports trickling in from the first practice today say that Marvin Harrison is "not holding back" and looks healthy. Marvin even waved to the fans when he entered, something he's not known for doing. Another player looking good in the first drills was Roy Hall, who really seems poised to make a big, positive impact in 2008. The receiving corps is a bit of a question coming into this season. That question will get answered big time if the 6'2, 240 pound Hall proves he can play WR in the NFL.

Our own TheMatic is "Twittering" from camp. Funny line from his live blog:

Gijon robinson is a BIG BOY!

TheMatic also passes on this bit of hot-off-the-press news: Clint Session is practicing with the starting defense at SAM.

More details from camp as we get them throughout the day.