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Colts Training Camp 2008: Quinn Pitcock turns around and drives home

Colts DT Quinn Pitcock has not attended training camp, and has been excused for personal reasons. A rumor, peddled by the National Enquirer... er, sorry, PFT and Mike Florio, says Pitcock was on his way to Terre Haute in his car for camp. While on the road, he decided he was "done with football." He turned his car around and headed back to Indy. Again, I have no idea if this rumor is correct or not. Florio peddled all kinds of rumors during the Philly shooting that involved Marvin Harrison, and none of those rumors were true.

The Tribune Star has actual news on the subject, with quotes and stuff:

No update on Pitcock — Defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock was not available for the second straight day. Dungy hopes to have some information on his status early next week.

“Don’t know exactly [when Pitcock will be back]. He’s just excused for some personal things that he’s taking care of. When he gets back, he’ll be back,” Dungy said.

Clint Session was also excused because of personal reasons.

There are lots of updates from yesterday's camp. I will post them shortly.