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Colts Training Camp 2008: Day 2 observations from Aerostar193

Aerostar193 attended the 2nd day of camp (Saturday) and posted the observations below in this Fan Post:

  • I only saw Addai, Rhodes, and Hart taking snaps with the offense, which means to me that they will be the ones that make the roster. Hart is really small, but he pounds the ball hard and has soft hands out of the backfield. He got smashed by Freddie Keiaho mid-way through practice, which got a few people saying "Welcome to the NFL", but otherwise, he looked good. Rhodes actually looked slimmer and faster than before, and Addai was his fantastic self. This will definitely be a good group of RB's for the year.
  • One thing I always like to look for is who stays around after practice to do some individual drills. Garcon, Giguere, and Charles Dillon all stayed after to work with the ball machine, and Robert Mathis ran a few laps on the other side of the field. It may be insignificant to others, but to me, it shows how focused they are on making the team, or in Mathis' case, being the best player they can be.
  • Marcus Howard is fast. I'm really excited to see what he brings to the table once the season starts. Ugoh and him were having some fierce battles, and he actually managed to get near Sorgi a few times. He's a keeper for sure.
  • I'll admit, I'm one of the many Tim Jennings haters, but I think he's really improved for some reason. He looked faster, more alert, and smarter as a CB. Same goes for Michael Coe, T.J. Rushing, and Brannon Condren. We're going to have an excellent group of DB's this year, believe me.
  • Roy Hall didn't impress me. He was tall, but looked a lot more sluggish than his 40 time would indicate. Giguere was a little disappointing too. The only receivers that caught my eye were Reggie, Marvin, Gonzalez, Garcon, and Aromashadu.
  • Pierre Garcon is making this team. He's a smooth route runner and really allusive. Sort of like a mini-Marvin.
  • Sorgi really isn't terrible, I suppose. I noticed he always looks to his left first for the pass, and never managed to hit right in the numbers, but he was efficient nonetheless.
  • I didn't look much at the O-line, but I only saw Charlie Johnson playing guard, never Pollak.
  • I didn't see Clint Session anywhere, and Ramon Guzman was playing SAM with the first team. Not sure if anybody knows what was going on with that...
  • Jacob Tamme looks a lot bigger and stronger than his measurables say he is. I don't see why people don't think he will able to block, he looked entirely capable to me.

Many thanks to Aerostar193 for these great observations!