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Colts Training Camp 2008: More, more, GIMME MORE INFO!

More rumors and observations continue to beam their way from Terre Haute to my desktop. Ah, the Internet! How I love you so. I'm still working on my depth chart. I wanted to get it done this weekend, but between organizing all the info I got from camp over the weekend, and dealing with the snappy little "bloggers" over at Fanhouse, I just didn't have time. I hope to have it done today. Thanks for your patience.

  • We still have no word on Quinn Pitcock. Dungy said there would be explanation today.
  • Adam Vinatieri was consistently making FGs of 50+ yards at camp. He looks healthy, his leg is strong, and (according to conditioning folks) he is in the best physical shape of his life. Adam might have finally shaken off the injuries.
  • Many said Dungy was not happy with Keiaho leveling Hart on Saturday. Keiaho was taken out of practice and told to cool it.
  • Clifton Dawson has looked better than Mike Hart.
  • With Brock moving back to DE, the Colts will likely employ a 3-4 player d-line rotation. This means Mathis or Brock start, with Brock moving inside on passing downs. Ed Johnson is the undertackle while Keyunta Dawson or (if he ever shows up) Quinn Pitcock are overtackles. Also thrown into the mix is speed rushing DE Marcus Howard. The Colts are also high on DT Eric Foster. Left out of the mix, it seems, are DEs Josh Thomas and Jeff Charleston.