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Colts Training Camp 2008: Phil B blogs Day 3

Phil B. Wilson at the Indy Star does a fine job impersonating a blogger. He's also got a good eye for spotting things we fans are interested in knowing in regards to training camp. A few nuggets from his most recent update:

* The buzz about second-year DT Quinn Pitcock can't be ignored anymore, especially after bloggers e-mail me and ask what's up. Fact is, Pitcock isn't in camp. He did not report. Colts coach Tony Dungy didn't tell us anything new today. He just said it was a personal situation. I HATE (notice the capital letters) to get into rumors and mentioning unsubstantiated stuff off the Internet, but I'm the messenger on this and it could be true. There's a report out there that Pitcock has lost his desire to play. This would be a blow to the Colts, who appeared set with a strong four-man rotation at defensive tackle.


* Kenton Keith dropped a couple balls today.


* Gotta love the preparation in these practices. Receivers coach Clyde Christensen chewed up Canadian receiver Sam Giguere when the rookie from Quebec juggled a pass twice before pulling it in during a drill. "Catch the ball clean!" the coach shouted.

The longer this Quinn Pitcock thing goes unanswered, the worse I feel. I know the Colts have several quality DTs, and maybe this Eric Foster kid is the real deal, but Pitcock developed into a solid DT last season. It's such an odd rumor because Pitcock was known as a relentless player at OSU. Check out Phil's blog for the rest of his updates.