Monday (7/28) Training Camp

Here's some observations and pictures of mine from training camp:

- Unlike Irsay and others have said in the past, Pierre Garcon will be getting some looks at returning kicks. Today, he and TJ Rushing practiced receiving punts for about 15 minutes.

- Brannon Condren got alot of time with the first team defense today, even with Bethea and Giordano in full pads. Looks like he's definitely making this roster.

- Dan Federkeil appears to be the backup to Ryan Lilja as the left side guard. He's one big dude (6'6" 290).

- Dwight Freeney did a few drills with the D-Line towards the end of the morning practice, he looked to be in good health and in good spirits.

- Sam Giguere was near terrible. He had difficulty running routes correctly and holding onto the ball. Wide Receivers Coach Clyde Christensen was on him most the day. Looks like he won't be making the team unless the Colts see huge upside in him.

- With the absence of Peyton Manning, Tom Moore actually had to coach. He wasn't very happy about that and often took out his frustration on Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen, who called out audibles like they were guessing Battleship numbers. Lorenzen has a slow delivery and Gray has trouble throwing spirals

- Marvin Harrison was there looking fresh. He also looked like he had ninja hands.

- D-Line coach John Teerlinck prefers not to leave his golf cart...ever.

- I didn't see anything impressive from Mike Hart or Kenton Keith. Mike Hart was in on some special teams drills, though.

- Assuming Raheem Brock moves to DT eventually, Marcus Howard is definitely the #3 DE on the team. He played at the left side DE while Mathis played right side today.

- During scrimmages on offense, both Mike Pollak and Charlie Johnson were seeing time with the first unit at right guard. Pollak is much bigger than I pictured and seemed to get more reps than Johns with the first team.

- Ryan Lilja has grey hair.

- Robert Mathis is totally committed to coming back 100 percent this year. As someone reported earlier, he spent time after practice again today running more sprints.

- Quinn Pitcock was nowhere to be found.

- Gijon Robinson saw about as much time as Jacob Tamme did with the first team. Tamme had more passes thrown his direction however, which he had trouble holding onto sometimes.

- Roy Hall is a little inconsistent at this point. He made a tremendous catch in morning practice with TJ Rushing all over him, but dropped a few balls in the afternoon.

- I really think Courtney Roby has a shot at making this roster.

- Sorgi looked good with the exception of his decision making. He held onto the ball too long in scrimmages.

-  Maybe the person I was most impressed with was Philip Wheeler. He was hitting hard, deflecting passes, moving fast, and is a large athlete of a linebacker. Compared to Gary Brackett (a generous 5-11), Wheeler (6-2 at least) was a towering figure in the linebacking corps. 

- Phil B from the Indy Star is a real creepster. 

- Is there a way to post our own photos? 

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