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Colts Training Camp 2008: Wheeler returns

Philip Wheeler returned to practice today playing SAM linebacker. From an update on, we know that:

  • Wheeler is back and SS Melvin Bullitt, who sprained his thumb, will be back soon too.
  • Roy Hall made a sick grab in the morning practice:
    Hall, a second-year wide receiver who spent much of last season on injured reserve, ran a deep route down the right sideline and from around the offense’s 40-yard line, quarterback Quinn Gray threw a high, arching pass.

    Hall, at 6-feet-4, 240 pounds the Colts biggest wide receiver, leapt in the air, and caught the pass as he landed on his back inside the 10-yard line.

  • Wheeler returned to camp and said HELLO to Clifton Dawson, popping him after an incompletion.
  • Marvin Harrison continues to impress, and looks healthy.
  • The team is very happy to have Dominic Rhodes back. Dungy is leaning on him as a leader. In an interview on, Dungy said he asked Dom and Addai to focus on a few "specific details" in camp. This way, these details rub off on the younger backs.
  • The Colts have some tough decisions to make at WR this year. With Hall making circus grabs and Devin Aromashodu coming on strong, this leaves Garcon, Giguere, and Courtney Roby (who has also looked good) out in the cold.
  • Dungy elaborated on Quinn Pitcock's situation:
    "[Quinn is] going through some personal things and he’s going to let us know when he can be back," Dungy said. "That’s really all I can say at this point.
  • Non-Colts related, but still NFL related, Deshawn Zombie summed up best my own personal feeling about this Brett Favre thing in Green Bay, and how stupid management is handling it:
    I swear, this is getting to be one of the most insane situations in history. The Pack is moving on? WHY???? TO WHAT? In five years, we may well look back on Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy as the biggest idiots in football history. Aaron Rodgers will be booed off the field unless he starts hot, and I mean blazing hot. I know they think they are doing this guy a favor by protecting his right to play, but the man has ZERO window with the fans. If they lose to Minnesota in week check that...if he plays poorly in the PRESEASON, the fans will riot in Green Bay. Uuuuugly.
    Well said.
  • And finally, a rumor is circulating message boards that Peyton Manning was seen in Terre Haute. He has not reported to camp, but he was seen arriving in Terre Haute. More info on this as we get it.