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Colts Training Camp 2008: Even MORE Day 3 observations

This time, our own DoTheMathis98 decided to invade Terre Haute and report back on his findings. I've plucked a few good nuggets from his Fan Post, but I strongly suggest you go there and read it all, and then recommend the post:

- Unlike Irsay and others have said in the past, Pierre Garcon will be getting some looks at returning kicks. Today, he and TJ Rushing practiced receiving punts for about 15 minutes.


- With the absence of Peyton Manning, Tom Moore actually had to coach. He wasn't very happy about that and often took out his frustration on Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen, who called out audibles like they were guessing Battleship numbers. Lorenzen has a slow delivery and Gray has trouble throwing spirals


- D-Line coach John Teerlick prefers not to leave his golf cart...ever.


- Sorgi looked good with the exception of his decision making. He held onto the ball too long in scrimmages.


- Phil B from the Indy Star is a real creepster.

I guess DoTheMathis98 doesn't dig Phil's dye job. No matter. DoTheMathis98, many thanks! An excellent update, indeed.