Giguère makes front of #1 paper in Montréal



Well, not most of the front, but still.

A local reporter was also in Terre Haute though and there is two articles focused on Samuel.  First one is mostly some information we mostly already know about him :

-He's working hard;

-Competition is fierce;

-He's last off the field;

-Camp is much tougher than mini-camp and OTAs;

-Feels like he's the best of rookie receivers.

First article


The second article is interesting.  The reporter asks specifically about Giguère to coach Dungy.  The reporter I guess didn't think he'd have much declarations of the head coach and was pleased Dungy answered him at length about Sam.  It showed in the tone of the text.  Opens saying readers to forget the idea that head coaches don't care about rookies.  They probably don't care about reporters asking about rookies, more so undrafted ones, but not coach Dungy!

Anyway, about Giguère, Dungy said :

-He's got much to learn but he's learning fast;

-Doesn't have the experience of others, but have some advantage because he played canadian football, where there's more formations and shifts.  It permitted him to learn the playbook faster, he's solid mentally;

-There probably won't be any more cuts until august 26th and that rookies will have one more game then normal years to prove themselves;

-Of Giguère returning kicks, he liked what he saw.  He would like for him to make it as a kick returner and thus stay with the team and improve as a footbal player.

Second article

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