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You know you have a gambling problem when...

I was cruising around the interwebs this evening (while watching the Cubs beat up on Ben Sheets), and found some previews for this Sunday's Hall of Fame game between the Colts and Redskins.  I only read one paragraph, before I stopped in my tracks:

Sports Interaction has set Washington as a five-point favorite against Indianapolis for the Hall of Fame game at Canton this weekend. For Redskins fans, this might be as good as things get for them this year.

Wait a minute...I know gambling on NFL games is very common, and I plan on using "fake money" this year to see how well I do betting on the games.  That being said, you can bet on PRESEASON GAMES?!?  People actual put their hard-earned money on the line, hoping that Jared Lorenzen can find the 7th or 8th WR on the depth chart in the 4th quarter to cover the 5 points??  I'll quote Richard Bagg, from Van Wilder, when I say "Are you Insane?"

If you think about putting some money down on a preseason game, please stop and think about what you are doing for a second.  Set the money aside, wait until #18 is under center, and for an entire game, then put that money down on the Colts covering.  Especially in week 1.