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3rd of July Links

Football Outsiders uses the trends in second day picks they identified here to predict late rounders that will become contributors to their teams. Two of the ten they identify as fitting the profile of a late round steal are Colts picks, Jacob Tamme and Marcus Howard. Unfortunately they make two very un-Football Outsiders like mistakes and fall into the lazy sport journalist traps of calling Jacob Tamme Ben Utecht's replacement and calling Marcus Howard a linebacker and breaking him down as one.

An ESPN survey of 18 NFL coaches finds the dirtiest player in the NFL to be Patriots SS Rodney Harrison.

Our SB Nation Mock Draft pick and presumtive starting Bears RB Matt Forte signs a four year deal.

18 to 88 has an article on the most important wins in Colts history up and are running a contest for write ups on several of the games.

That's all for tonight, Go Cubbies