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Pitcock gone; Colts lose player with a last name I enjoyed making fun of

So, the rumors were true. Quinn Pitcock retired. Thanks to JakeTheSnake for the Fan Shot on the subject. It's a bit sad because Pitcock was known as a fierce competitor at Ohio State. He played in National Championship games, and came on strong last year as a good rookie DT. Now, he doesn't want to play football anymore. As annoying and disappointing as it is, look at it this way. Quinn had the bullocks to retire early in camp rather than pull a Corey Simon. He didn't cheat or steal money from the Colts, and he was honest in his decision. The Colts likely respected that, and both parties have moved on. I wish Quinn good luck, and hope nothing awful has happened.

We can sit hear and joke that the Curse of the Third Round Pick has popped up again, but guys like Freddie Keiaho (3rd round, 2006), Dante Hughes (3rd round, 2007), and Philip Wheeler (3rd round, 2008) are proving to be good young players. The loss of Pitcock (sigh, I'll really miss making fun of that name) is also at a position (snicker) the Colts are full at (snicker, snicker). Raheem Brock, Ed Johnson, Keyunta Dawson, and the new kid Eric Foster are all good DTs. Big Ed has a chance to become something special, and Brock has always been a consistent player.

Still, even with solid depth after Pitcock's retirement, why not bring back Booger McFarland for a physical? You know he wants to play. You know he'd love to come back to Indy. He'd take a role as a rotating overtackle (I think that's the right position, shake n bake) on the Colts line. He loves Dungy, and mentored Ed Johnson last year. The key is his health, but even that is negotiable. If he's rehabbing now, but will be ready by, say, Week 3, why not sign him?

Booger even has a website up. Notice the team uniform he's wearing.