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Sanders and Freeney starting TRAINING CAMP on the PUP

A nasty little rumor that seems to be sweeping the blog-o-sphere is that Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders are starting the season on the Physically unable to Perform list (or, the PUP for short). Bob Sanders was recently on NFL Sirius Radio and said he'd start the year on the PUP. A few weeks ago, Jimmy at MCM emailed me asking if the rumor was true regarding Sanders and Freeney. Just to clarify, there is a HUGE difference between starting the regular season on the PUP and starting training camp on the PUP. Bob and Dwight are starting training camp, not the regular season, on the PUP.

If a player starts the regular season on the PUP, that player cannot play in a regular season game until Week 6. If a player starts training camp on the PUP, then they cannot play in pre-season games.

From what we've all read and seen, Dwight and Bob are healing up just fine, and both are expected to start against Chicago in Week One. So, I think this rumor is just nothing more than people misunderstanding players when they say they are "starting the season" on the PUP. For players, the season begins roughly around July 24th, when TCs open up. Now, if, by some measure of idiotic stupidity, the Colts place Bob or Dwight on the PUP to start the regular season, the Colts will be lucky to make the playoffs. Indy has a murderous schedule, and a fast start, as always, is key.

However, it's unlikely that Indy will start 2008 without Bob and Dwight. Expect them there Week One.


A reader in this post pointed me to an article on Big Cat Country:

The Colts offseason of great concern continues. They've been hit hard by the injury bug, and it isn't even August yet.

Strong Safety Bob Sanders and DE Dwight Freeney will probably be starting training camp on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list.
Colts LB Tyjuan Hagler also will be on the PUP list after a recent pectoral injury he suffered during strength training.

Hagler was expected to be a starter this season, and his injury stings, however, the more telling story is Dwight Freeney. He still isn't healthy enough to perform, and although all the Colts' are saying he'll be back for the season opener, I have my doubts. One thing is for certain, he won't be the same beast this year.

"Hit hard?" I can understand a "believe it when I see it approach" in regards to Freeney, but players like Michael Strahan have come back from similar foot injuries, and last I checked Strahan just won a ring. Bob had his shoulder essentially scoped. He played all last season with it, and he won Defensive Player of the Year. That's not getting hit "hard" by an injury bug. The Hagler injury is just stupidity on Tyjuan's part, and it could cost him his starting job. But the bottom line is Dwight and Bob are expected back 100%.

Oh, and both Freeney and Sanders started 2006's TC on the PUP list, if I recall. I seem to remember Indy winning a championship that year.