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Colts Links: 7/8/2008

I really, really love the Peyton Manning's Greatest Games series mgrex30 is doing. It is easily one of the best series I've read in some time on one specific player. He even highlighted a game I always thought was one of Peyton's best: His dismantling of the Patriots in 2000 in the RCA Dome.

  • From Hashmarks (via AOL Fanhouse) NFL coaches seem to think that, right now, Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. That's fine. In a league that has "genius" coaching from the likes of Jack Del Rio, Mike Nolan, Wade Phillips, and Norv Turner I'm not surprised. Look, Tom Brady threw 50 TDs in 16 games playing on an offense Peyton Manning created. If coaches voted for Brady because he is 2 years younger and just threw 50 TDs, I understand that. But when I look at the two of them, I cannot think of one thing that Brady does significantly better than Manning (and yes, I am a very big Brady fan). One used to say Brady was more "clutch," but Brady in the post-season the last three years has been very shaky. He had an INT returned for a TD in the 2005 playoffs, blew a 24 point lead in the AFCCG in 2006, and choked big time in the Super Bowl this past year.
  • 18 to 88 has a great contest going.
  • Colt Homer thinks Dom Rhodes will get 125 carries this season (8 carries a game). He also thinks Kenton Keith is a goner.
  • has a Salary Cap Roster Challenge thing going on.
  • I miss Charlie Weis At My Baby. It was a great blog (and a great blog title).
  • It's been a wild first year for Keyunta Dawson. He played DE at Texas Tech. In pre-draft workouts in 2007, he played LB because scouts said he was too small to play DE in the pros. Now, he's a starting-caliber DT for the Colts.
  • I highly recommend camping in Ontario and Quebec. That's where I spent my vacation. I also saw the University of Sherbrooke, where Samuel "Guns" Giguere attended school.