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Joseph Addai, Goal Setter

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There was a great article in the Indy Star Wednesday by Mike Chappell talking about Joseph Addai.  He talks about how some things are just a blur to him, like the fact he's now entering his third season with the Colts:

"Seems like I was at LSU yesterday and now I'm going into my third year (in the NFL)," he said. "I'm just enjoying it."

Chappell also talks about how Addai is seeking out advice from former Colt, and the team's all-time leading rusher Edgerrin James:

In an e-mail response to The Star, James made it clear he emphasizes to Addai the need to take care of himself physically as well as the details required to play the position.

"I always tell him to take good care of his body and continue to work on the little things," James said. "Everything else is usually about life."

We all know Edge is a stand up guy, and part of me hopes that in a few years, he'll end his career back in Indianapolis.  We also know that Addai is not afraid to ask for advice, and take it to heart, which is great to know.

Addai is also really stressing consistency this season.  He wants to be the same back in Week 17 (and the playoffs) that he is in Week 1.  From the article:

Addai averaged 100.6 yards per game and 4.7 yards per attempt in his first seven games, but only 45.7 and 3.3 the rest of the way, including the playoff loss to San Diego.

Addai said he is setting some lofty goals for himself this season, but didn't share what they were.  Here are my goals for Joe, which I think he'll get:

Att Yds Y/A TD Rec Yds TD
275 1350 4.9 12 45 400 4

This also doesn't take into account any other numbers the other RBs.  I think Addai is primed for a breakout season, especially if everyone stays healthy.  Here's to 4th quarters this season being dominated by #29, eating up time and protecting leads.