Florio At It Again

Florio never misses a chance to get his little stabs in about the Colts every time he can. In a piece he wrote this morning about the crackdown on roster size comments aimed at CBA talks he referred to recent comments by Colts G.M. Bill Polian to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe (the G.M. is outnumber by Florio a Pats water boy and Reiss their mouth piece)in which he was asked to identify some of the biggest on-field trends and issues in the league,and Florio's comment was, Polian went straight for the forbidden fruit. "The first thing that we need to have some answers on is how the 80-man roster limit affects what we ultimately come out of camp with," Polian said. "It isn't good from our perspective, but we still have [four] weeks to go. It’s not a good test. Concomitant to that is how efficient will we be offensively, in particular, at the start of the season. I don’t just mean us, but all teams." That in itself is just Polian being like he is straight and to the point but then Florio just had to get his little digs in. Reading between the lines, Polian apparently was floating an advance excuse for the possibility that the Colts will stumble out of the gates, in light of the extended absence of quarterback Peyton Manning. Still, Polian’s decision to do so by calling into question the wisdom of capping training camp rosters could draw the ire of the league office. I just don't understand the comment, extended absence of quarterback Peyton Manning, unless I've missed some recent update on Peyton's expected release it is not until around the end of AUG isn't that this month? As I stated earlier about unless I missed a recent update I will contribute this to just some more of Florio statements with no evidence to back it up and his undying quest to degrade the Colts and their steps to the SB.

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