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5 pre-season games can indeed get tedious

Wisdom from the brothers at 18 to 88:

I don't like the 5 game preseason, because it drags out the amount of time we have to worry about things that probably won't matter. What's wrong with the line? Why did Ugoh get beat so bad by Peppers? That run D was horrible. We can't run the ball at all! Granted almost everything that runs through our minds can be traced to the fact that some pretty amazing players aren't on the field. On Saturday, we started some linebackers who won't be around in three weeks. The same blitz that takes out Sorgi gets burned for a score if Manning is playing. We all know these things in our minds, but when you are desperate for football to start (especially since the Reds just flat quit on Dusty Baker about two weeks ago), this stuff gets in your head. Ultimately, we should just be happy that the #1 issue with fans is who will be the backup QB.

Like a man starved after walking through the desert, if someone gives you a cracker (just some regular old cracker) it will taste like the greatest food you've ever had in your life.*

Same same is true with pre-season football. For seven months, we fans are totally starved from seeing our players PLAY. Sure, things like the draft and free agency are cool, but the bottom line is we want to see our guys light it up on the field. So, when pre-season comes, and our team's 4th stringers don't blow the other team's 1st stringers out by 50, we totally lose our minds and expect nothing but DOOOOOOOM!!! On the flipside, if certain players go out there and light it up in exhibition games, we think they are Barry Sanders or Joe Montana reborn.

The reality is somewhere in the middle.

Here's what we can write down and put in the bank:

  • Tony Ugoh is a great young LT, and people who are worried about him sucking in one pre-season game need to seriously consider anti-anxiety medication.
  • The Colts d-line is fine, and will still feature the best young depth the Colts have ever seen.
  • When Clint Session, Tyjuan Hagler, Philip Wheeler, and a soon-to-be-signed Rob Morris (we think) return for the Colts, the LB corps will start tackling again.
  • Mike Hart will make the team as the 3rd RB. Baring anything bad, he'll make the active roster.
  • Any Colts defense that is missing Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney cannot be truly evaluated. If the defense looked great without them, why the hell would the Colts be paying them so much money?

Small side note: One of 18 to 88's writers, Demond Sanders, is in the hospital with appendicitis. From the blog:

On a personal note, I would appreciate your prayers for Demond. Apparently, he didn't have the flu. He was admitted to the hospital late last night with appendicitis. His appendix did rupture this morning as they didn't get him into surgery in time, and he has just come out of the OR. The doctors say that everything went very well, but it's obviously a difficult situation. His wife is 38 weeks pregnant.


UPDATE: I spoke to him this afternoon, and it seems that Demond is fine and hoping to get released today.

Feel free to send a little get well love to the Sanders boys here.

*Borrowed from Eddie Murphy, before he sold out.