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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Update


Invites were just recently sent out of this year's Stampede Blue FFL, which is sponsored by AOL Fanhouse. For our blog alone, almost 100 people signed up. So, AOL had to do a drawing to see who could join. I was allowed to reserve spots for certain Stampede Blue vets and contributors (like mgrex30 and shake n bake), but many slots were given to people sort of at random.

Because there were so many people to apply, we created two leagues (12 teams each). One is the Stampede Blue League (run by me), and the other is the Stampede Blue Shakedown League (run by me and shake n bake). In both leagues, people will get to match their FF wits against Stampede Blue contributing writers.

I honestly wish I could accommodate everyone who signed up. It was very overwhelming to have so many want to play. Thank you for all who signed up. Invites will go out in waves throughout the week. League rules, team names, draft info, and prizes will get posted in at the end of the week on Friday.

For those who are silly enough to try and take me on, get ready for the beatdown!