Training Camp Notes

I made it out to training camp for the first time this year.  Here is some of the stuff I noticed and some thoughts on the team:

Sam Giguere was practicing and he stayed after.  Of course he hasn’t played in a game.  That is frustrating me.

I don’t think Sorgi’s problem with holding onto the ball too long.  It’s ridiculous that he can’t find a target before the pocket collapses.

The team ran a two minute drill with all 3 QBs.  None of them could find the endzone.  Gray got the closest, but he threw an interception to Brannon Condren.  Sorgi turned it over on downs the first time he was out and threw a pick to Gary Brackett the second time around.  J-Lard turned it over on downs.

Marvin looked nice in practice, running his routes perfectly.

Gijon Robinson had a fantastic catch where he had to fully extend himself to get a hand on it.

Condren was smashing people.  He almost destroyed a receiver and got a pick.  I’m surprised he wasn’t reprimanded.

Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Tom Santi, and Pierre Garcon were working out on a practice field after all the other players went back in.  Freeney was doing a spin move drill, and he looked like he was going at full speed.  He was tired after doing it though.  He just fell on his back and was out of breathe the entire way back on the golf cart.

Eric Foster did a good job getting to the QB.  Ben Ishola also got what would have been a sack.

The autograph tent consisted of Darrell Reid, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney, Joe Bradley, and Eric Foster.

Also, practice was only 45 minutes long.  What the hell is with that???

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