I'm at training camp today.

We attended the morning session already, and we will be heading back for the afternoon practice soon. If anyone from Stampede Blue is there later and reads this first, look me up. My wife and three children are with me, along with two close friends. Some observations include:

We saw Clint Session lay out Joseph Addai in a rotating drill of pass rushing/blocking. Everyone made noise about it. Addai stepped aside and took off his helmet. Then when Session was due up again, he cut in front of the other back to get another crack at #55. Pretty cool to see. And Session looks good.

Marlin Jackson must be part zombie, like Bob. He hits hard. Alot. After a receiver got the best of him in a blocking drill, I thought he was going to start a fistfight. Later in practice, he laid out Garcon (hard) after a short completion. And there were others as well.

I don't think Sam Giguere is faring well. He was getting alot of correction from coaches on some blocking drills and made to do them over and over. No one else received that kind of scrutiny. Also, he had a couple of hiccups in cone drills that were commented on by the coaches. With so much depth there, I think he is working uphill big time. He has missed time, and there isn't long left for him to overwhelm anyone with his performance. We'll see.

The lack of K2 involvement leads me to believe our suspicions. He is on his way out. Mike Hart is going to be a good addition.

The QB play is underwhelming. Gray threw a bad one that was tipped where it shouldn't have been in the first place, then intercepted. Sorgi can throw beyond ten yards. Like, twelve or so... The most important realization is that we need Manning.

Coach Dungy is the best. When everyone was dismissed, the players hurried away except for a few who stayed for drills. Roy Hall and Dungy came over to sign autographs and meet fans. Everyone swamped Dungy, and he took all the time they wanted; signed everything, posed for pictures with every asker, and answered every question. This was the way he was also when I met him last month in Indy. A total class act. Hall was nice, too. I told him we believed he would be great this year, and he was grateful. The fan booth included Condren, Giordano and Bullitt (who jokingly convinced my six year old daughter that Giordano didn't want to sign her purse like the others did - funny moment). My son got Jeff Saturday's sig as well as a couple of others that I don't remember right now.

Watch out for Howard  Mudd. He drives like a maniac. I'm just sayin'.

I'll report back later about this afternoon.

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