Madden 09

I went to pick up my Madden 09 at midnight at the GameStop in the Tippecanoe Mall and I've been playing it off and on. Overall all I'd say it's a pretty big improvement over last year's, but there are still some of the same flaws. 

As far as the Colts go, I'm pretty happy with a lot of the rankings.


  • Anthony Gonzalez is an 80, which is sort of low, but I'm sure he'll move up with some roster updates after he proves himself even more this season.
  • Tony Ugoh is an 88 and at only 24 years old is one of the best tackles in the game to trade for in franchise.
  • MIke Pollak is our starting right guard over Charlie Johson (Thank God). He's a 78. That's not bad for a 2nd round pick.
  • Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are almost identical. They're both 95's. Freeney is older and stronger, but Mathis is more agile, aware, and a better tackler. I'm not sure if I agree with the awareness.
  • Marcus Howard is a 74 with 87 speed.
  • Ed Johnson is an 86, I would have put him around an 88, but it's fair enough.
  • Hagler is a generous 81, while Clint Session is only a 75. Obviously the EA guys didn't see the Colts-Chargers regular season game last year.
  • Phillip Wheeler is a 74.
  • Both Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are 87's. They should easily be approaching 90 if not higher. If Dre Bly and Champ Bailey are 89 and 97 respectively, than our cornerbacks should at least be 92's.
  • Antoine Bethea is a 93 and the reigning Defensive MVP is a 99.
  • And if you couldn't have guessed, Peyton is a 99, Reggie is a 97, Marvin is a 96, and Addai is a 91.

Just for Humor,

  • Calvin Johnson is a 91. Can you say overrated?
  • Jason David is a 73, in my opinion that's the most accurate ranking in the entire game.
  • Brett Favre retires after one year with the Jets in franchise mode.
  • Tom Brady's arrogance rating is a 100.




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