Pregame Preview & Prediction

These teams are the exact opposite.  The Colts are a favorite for the Super Bowl.  The Falcons are a favorite for the number one pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.  It doesn’t help that they drafted Matt Ryan, who will be the bust of the decade.  The Falcons have drafted busts and complete idiots who get cut after a couple years on the team.  The Colts draft players who are model citizens on and off the field.  That’s where success comes from.  The draft.  It will be easy to tell how bad they draft when the Colts ACTUALLY WIN A PRESEASON GAME TONIGHT!!!

Atlanta Falcons: 0-1
Leading Passer: Matt Ryan, 113 yards
Leading Rusher: Jason Snelling: 32 yards
Leading Receiver: Roddy White, 47 yards
Leading Tackler: Brent Grimes, 6 tackles

Indianapolis Colts: 0-2
Leading Passer: Quinn Gray, 267 yards
Leading Rusher: Mike Hart, 73 yards
Leading Receiver: Onrea Jones, 81 yards
Leading Tackler: Jordan Senn, 17 tackles

Colts 3 Player To Watch

Clint Session: Session will be in his first preseason game tonight, and he will be starting at SAM.  This will be our first look with all of our starting linebackers.  The starting linebackers against Washington and Carolina all player poorly, and Session is coming off of injury.  If these guys can stop Jerious Norwood and Michael Turner, it will make me more confident in our linebackers.

Pierre Garcon: Garcon is also returning from injury, and I’ve been itching to see him play again.  When I saw him practicing at training camp, he looked healthy.  Garcon has a lot of expectations for this team now.  He’s been the best wide receiver in training camp, and he is pretty close to securing a roster spot.  However, the other receivers like Onrea Jones and Devin Aromashodu have looked good this preseason too.  This will be one of the final roster spots, and if Garcon can play like he did against Washington, he will be on the 53 man roster.

Jim Sorgi/Quinn Gray/Jared Lorenzen: Through two games, there is not a clear leader for the QB race.  Some think Sorgi has the job (please no).  Some think Gray will have the job (like me).  A few might even like The Hefty Lefty.  I say the best QB in this game will end up being the leader going into the next two preseason games.  All of them will throw a lot of passes.  Hopefully Sorgi gets knocked out of the race tonight, because he is not an NFL QB.  I hope the Colts don’t cling to this scrub.

Falcons Players To Watch

Matt Ryan: Matt Ryan is going to be terrible in the pros.  There are very few bright spots in his game.  QBs in the past couple of classes have gone too high.  JaMarcus Russell and Matt Ryan both will have disappointing careers.  Hopefully the Colts secondary can feast on this inexperienced quarterback and shut down the Falcons’ passing game.

Michael Turner: A former Charger, Michael Turner has done a good job in hurting the Colts over the past couple of years.  In the preseason, the backups who played in the regular season game and playoff game can go for revenge.  It helps that Turner is now behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

Thomas Brown: Normally a kick returner isn’t a player to watch, but with the Colts special teams looking so good, a decent returner like Brown could ruin all the progress this team has made.  If the Colts can keep Brown from reaching the 35 tonight, then I will be more confident than ever in our return coverage.

Lineup For Tonight

Jim Sorgi
Quinn Gray
Jared Lorenzen

Joseph Addai
Dominic Rhodes
Kenton Keith
Mike Hart
Clifton Dawson
Chad Simpson

Gijon Robinson

Reggie Wayne
Marvin Harrison
Anthony Gonzalez
Pierre Garcon
Devin Aromashodu
Onrea Jones
Courtney Roby
Sam Giguere

Dallas Clark
Jacob Tamme
Zac Herold

Tony Ugoh
Michael Toudouze
Corey Hilliard

Jamey Richard
Tala Esera

Jeff Saturday
Steve Justice

Mike Pollak
Charlie Johnson

Dan Federkiel
Darren Marquez

Raheem Brock
Jeff Charleston
Ben Ishola

Robert Mathis
Marcus Howard
Curtis Johnson

Ed Johnson
Colin Ferrell
Joe Bradley

Keyunta Dawson
Eric Foster

Clint Session
Ramon Guzman

Gary Brackett
Jordan Senn
Danny Verdun

Freddie Keiaho
Kyle Shotwell
Marcus Richardson

Marlin Jackson
Kelvin Hayden
Dante Hughes
Tim Jennings
TJ Rushing
Keiwan Ratliff

Antoine Bethea
Jamie Silva
Brandon Foster
Antonio Smith

Matt Giordano
Brannon Condren

Adam Vinatieri
Adam Crossett

Hunter Smith

Justin Snow

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