My Depth Chart: After 3 Preseason Games

Depth Chart -

WR - Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Anthony Gonzalez, Roy Hall, Devin Aromashodu, Pierre Garcon *BUBBLE Courtney Roby, Onrea Jones

TE - Dallas Clark, Gijon Robinson, Jacob Tamme *BUBBLE Tom Santi

RB - Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes, Mike Hart

QB - Peyton Manning, Jim Sorgi

LT - Tony Ugoh, Dan Federkeil

LG - Ryan Lilja, Jamey Richard

C - Jeff Saturday, Steve Justice

RG - Mike Pollak, Charlie Johnson

RT - Ryan Diem

RE - Dwight Freeney, Marcus Howard *BUBBLE Jeff Charleston

LE - Robert Mathis, Curtis Johnson

LT - Raheem Brock, Keyunta Dawson, Eric Foster

RT - Ed Johnson, Collin Ferrell, Darrell Reid *BUBBLE Joe Bradley, Dan Davis

SAM - Clint Session, Tyjuan Hagler

MIKE - Gary Brackett, Philip Wheeler

WILL - Freddie Keiaho, Kyle Shotwell  *BUBBLE Jordan Senn

CB - Marlin Jackson, Kelvin Hayden, Dante Hughes, Tim Jennings, T.J. Rushing *BUBBLE Keiwan Ratliff

FS - Bob Sanders, Matt Giordano, Melvin Bullitt

SS - Antoine Bethea, Brannon Condren, Jamie Silva

K - Adam Vinatieri

P - Hunter Smith *BUBBLE Adam Crossett

LS - Justin Snow

Review -

This depth chart has 53 players penciled in with nine players on the "BUBBLE," so to speak.  In terms of some players I've made a case below.  Having a conversation on some tough decisions might be good to keep realistic expectations of who we can expect to keep and a group of guys we'd like on the roster who won't fit.

Wide Receiver -

Onrea Jones/Courtney Roby - The only way either can hope to make the team is as a returner most likely.  I didn't see much out of Onrea Jones and was looking forward to seeing him continue to get opportunities in the preseason games as a receiver.  Instead, Devin Aromashodu shined against the Bills and was even given a chance returning the football which he did a decent job with.  Courtney Roby would have to push out T.J. Rushing for the return man depth spot on the team.  It seems we're intent on making Garcon the man but he looked really unimpressive at times and bad at others in the Bills game.  I like both Jones and Roby but don't see us having the room.  We could deal one or both for a better back-up QB prospect?

Tight End -

Why take up the roster spot here when we have the talent we need at the position.  Store Santi and develop him to compete for a spot next year.

Running Back -

I think this is all but over.  Dawson did nothing to impress.  Hart continued to do so.  Keith has seemed like a dead man walking since the opening of camp.  Simpson hasn't done what it takes to earn a spot.  3 backs with Robinson as HB/FB is good.

Quarterback -

Our back-up will be Sorgi.  I would cut both Lorenzen and Gray before getting on the bus tonight if I were Polian/Dungy.  We need to find someone else if we're serious about finding a legit back-up.

Defensive End -

With Curtis Johnson and/or Raheem Brock available on running downs I don't see a need to carry Josh Thomas or Jeff Charleston although I can see our front office choosing to do so.  If they do, Charleston offers more of a pass rush than our other DEs so I would probably keep him.

Defensive Tackle -

Collin Ferrell has developed quickly and is starting to make plays on a regular basis.  He seems to be separating himself from the other big DT options of Dan Davis and Joe Bradley.  I hope he and Foster both make the roster since Brock/Reid are floating around as DTs and DEs.

Linebacker -

I really like both Kyle Shotwell and Jordan Senn.  I wish we could keep both as they are both solid on special teams and play very well against the run.  Chances are, if one makes the team the other well not.  I like Shotwell more but can see the argument for Senn just as well and won't be upset with either choice.  If either of them or Victor Worsley fail to make the roster and Ramon Guzman does... I'll be irritated.

Cornerback -

I would really like to find a way to keep Ratliff.  Rushing will only keep a spot here, if our other kick and punt return options prove incapable of handling the responsibility.  I hope they do.

Safety -

I have a really hard time cutting any of our safeties.  Bullitt looked good and very fast returning to action in the Bills game.  Condren has been impressive throughout the entire preseason.  Silva looks better and better every week, he is a football player to his core and makes plays all over the field and in whatever responsibility he is asked to take on.  Obviously Sanders and Bethea are there.  Only Giordano has disappointed at all this year... in that I've not seen him actively do much and apparently he suffered some kind of injury in the Bills game.

Punter -

Smith/Crossett - Crossett continues to, at least in my mind, make a strong play for taking Hunter Smith's roster spot.  The only real concern I would have is who holds FGs if Smith departs.

Final Thoughts -

I don't see a good reason why our team won't be stacked at every position but quarterback or maybe defensive tackle (depending on how BP and TD handle the cuts).  We're stronger at RB, WR, TE and the OL than we were last year.  We're stronger at DB, LB, DE and potentially even DT than we were last year.  The only question marks we have are back-up quarterback and who we assigned to return the football.  The other question mark is... why can't we keep about two or three more players... cause they are freakin' good and we probably don't have room.

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