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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football: The Fanhouse Leagues

Good morning and happy Monday! If you are morbidly depressed that it is Monday, take solace in the fact that NFL PRO FOOTBALL IS ONLY 2.5 WEEKS AWAY! Of course, with the start of the real season comes the start of the fantasy season. Many weeks ago, I posted an announcement that SB Nation and AOL Fanhouse were teaming up to create this:


Yes, despite my recent feud with some (and I stress some because there are good writers at Fanhouse), AOL didn't say "dump that bigblueshoe @sshole." The partnership has allowed me and shake n bake to create two Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Teams. Those teams are:

Stampede Blue League

Stampede Blue Shakedown League

For these leagues, we had a mix of hardcore Stampede Blue veterans and the standard random selections that AOL made. This made sure that many of those fans who played FF last year had a chance to play again, while also opening up new opportunities for other fans to play.

The Stampede Blue League features me, MasterRWayne, and mgrex30. The Stampede Blue Shakedown League features (shockingly) shake n bake and JakeTheSnake.

Two folks selected by AOL Fanhouse (furrycolt and a player with the email sign "rrmemphis") still have not yet accepted invites to the Shakedown League. If we don't get confirms from these folks by the end of today, we'll need to invite others because the Shakedown draft is very soon.

Thank you for all who signed up. We literally had hundreds. We obviously could not have everyone, but we will work to have fun mini-games each week to involve others not in the leagues (like, voting on which QB I should start). For those of you in my league, I look forward to kicking your butt!

Dibs on Peyton...