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KSK's Christmas Ape bitter I made him look like a fat idiot


Looks like old Christmas Ape is at it again over at KSK, calling me names because of an incident a few months ago where I made him look like a schmuck in front of the entire blogosphere because he kinda made stuff up and based it off as fact.

In Ape's AFC South preview, we Colts fans have some extra strain of retardery in our genes because we kind of (oh, I don't know) like to have our facts straight before we start taking shots at people. This is unlike Ape, who took shots at Tony Dungy even though he had no friggin' clue what he was talking about because his facts were wrong.

Oh well.

Some people take criticism better than others. And some people aren't PUNK'D B*TCHES like Christmas Ape is. Ape also needs to stop raggin' on Indianapolis. I mean, I think the guy likes in Washington DC. Imagine all the really crappy parts of Gary, IN. Now, take those parts, add them together, and add a White House, a Capitol Building, and a monument shaped like a giant penis.

That's Washington DC.


Beware the Christmas Ape. Like all idiots, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Photovia


(psst, I secretly like Christmas Ape, even though I own his sorry butt in the all important "I'm right and you're wrong" category.)