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Forgive me Colts Fans, for I have sinned

I enjoyed my first Fantasy Football draft this weekend with a bunch of my friends from college.  Well, enjoyed is a relative term.  I had a rough go of it:

  • It is a 16 team league, which is too big for a football league, but I'll grin and bear it.
  • I had the 13th pick, which is just awful.  As I learned throughout the draft, reaches were too much of a reach, and every player I wanted got snatched up just before I picked him.
  • It was a draft with Individual Defensive players, and an FYI for anyone using Yahoo (you shouldn't, as FanHouse looks much better), their defensive player rankings are awful.  I did get Bob "S'ova" Sanders and Freeney, counting on the fact they are both healthy.
  • I left before the draft was over, and they did not draft me a kicker.  Oh well.

Then comes to my adventure with the QB position.  I'm really high on Eli this season, and he was still sitting around in Round 7.  However, this was at the beginning of the round, and he didn't last to #13.  I basically had my team set, minus the QB, but nobody was worthy of a QB pick at this point.

In round 8, however, I couldn't wait any longer.  12 of the other teams already had a QB, so I had to take one before my next pick (which was 24 players later).  I was looking at who was left, and my gut told me I had to take one guy.  I was already frustrated, and needed to take a flyer on a feast or famine guy.  I made this comment to my buddies right before I picked:

"I hate this pick with every bone in my body, but I need to take a chance"

I took Vince Young.

This is, of course, merely hours after he looked absolutely horrible against the Raiders.  However, I did not have internet access until the draft, so I had no idea about it.  I only read BBS gushing over Young, which was enough for me to take a chance on the guy.

I'm counting on Young improving at least to 1:1 on his TD:INT ratio, plus the fact that they are going to let him run near the red zone, getting me TDs.  I did take Jeff Garcia and Matt Leinart, also hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. 

I feel dirty, and need a shower now.  Luckily Young will be "throwing" to Reggie Wayne.