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Apparently, the Colts are indeed interested in Chris Simms (or so it seems)

Remember when I suggested the Colts should make a run at acquiring Chris Simms; that his arm strength and pedigree would made him ideal for the Colts offense? Well , apparently the Colts agree. Someone brought this to my attention (via the Fort Myers News-Press):

Scouts from 20 professional football teams watched from the Raymond James Stadium press box Sunday night as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New England Patriots 27-10.


The Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears also could be looking to make upgrades at backup quarterback soon. All but the Bears sent scouts to Sunday’s game.

Sorry, but this is not a good sign if you are Jim Sorgi. If Indy were confident in their primary back-up QB, they would not have sent scouts to a Bucs game. Unless they were scouting potential players on defense the Bucs might cut (the Bucs run a hybrid-Cover 2), the Colts were there to watch Simms.

I think Simms is ideal for the Colts offense, and if Indy got him I'd feel a helluva lot better about the back-up QB job.