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Tom Santi will practice this week; Peter King still clueless

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Tom Santi had the exact same knee surgery on the bursa sac below his knee that Peyton Manning did. Santi got his done two weeks before Peyton. From today's Indy Star (via 18 to 88), Tom Santi is ready to practice:

Rookie tight end Tom Santi (knee) might be cleared to join practice this week. The only lingering concern, according to Dungy, is his conditioning.

"Physically and clinically, he's ready to go,'' Dungy said.

This puts Peyton right on schedule to perhaps practice next week in time for the last pre-season game, or definitely in line to practice before Week One against the Bears. It also flushes the "booga-booga-booga" scare piece that Peter King farted out yesterday down the toilet. Baring any kind of catastrophic set back, Peyton Manning will start Week One against the Bears.

I didn't need to tell me that.