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Best/Worst WR seasons/careers

Football Outsiders continued their series on the top player performances on the DVOA era. Today was on WR seasons and career totals. Colts players made several appearances on the various lists.

Last season Anthony Gonzalez was more valuable per play than all but 4 other WRs (with 50 or more targets) in the last 12 years. The top 4 included Dennis Northcutt's amazing 2002 (78% as a deep threat), Tim Dwight's 1999 in Atlanta, and two slot WRs from the greatest show on turf RIcky Proehl (1999) and Az Hakim (2001).

Reggie Wayne's 2004 season ranked 9th in per play value, and moves up to second if the cutoff is raised to 5 catches per game. 2004 Brandon Stokley finished right behind Wayne. Eric Moulds finished 1st by putting up 1368 yards with 9 TDs, with a 58% catch rate against an insane Pass D schedule.

Anthony Gonzalez ranked 9th in catch % at 73%


The Top 10 Total value seasons

1995 Micheal Irvin    630 DYAR

2007 Randy Moss    569 DYAR

1995 Jerry Rice       547 DYAR

 2001 Marvin Harrison  537 DYAR

 2006 Marvin Harrison  510 DYAR

2005  Steve Smith    497 DYAR

2004 Reggie Wayne 496 DYAR

2003  Randy Moss   482 DYAR

2002 Marvin Harrison 478 DYAR

2003 Torry Holt     474 DYAR


Wayne also appears at 13th (2006) and 18th (2007) for a total of 3, making him Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss the only players to appear more than once in the top 20 (3 for Marvin, 4 for Moss)

The leader in career DYAR over the last 12 years is Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne comes in at 10th.

Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne finish 2-3 to Randy Moss in DYAR per season (minimum 4 seasons)

Finally in the only appearance by a Colts player on a worst list. Aaron Moorehead places 8th worst in lowest DYAR per season.