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Preseason 2008: The Hall of Fame Game, Colts v. Redskins

Indianapolis Colts at Washington Redskins
Pre-season 2008: The Hall of Fame Game; Indianapolis Colts v. Washington Redskins

Location: Fawcett Stadium, Canton, OH

Kick-off time: 8:00 pm EDT

Broadcast: NBC

Hey look! It's the first OPEN GAME THREAD of the 2008 NFL Season! YEEEEEAAAAAH!

Even though the game is played in Canton, I consider this a Redskins home game because two of the best Redskins I ever saw play are finally getting enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Darrell Green was a hellva lot better corner back than idiots like Deion Sanders could ever dream of being, and Art Monk was a better WR than Michael Irvin. It's an insult to the HoF that Irvin got in before Monk;just my opinion. But, it's great both Green and Monk are going in, along with these gentlemen.

For Indianapolis, this is about seeing what players like Jim Sorgi can give you. It's about Seeing Marcus Howard flatten Colt Brennan... again. It's about watching back-ups play and hoping no one gets hurt.

Don't forget to check out Hogs Haven and their HoF game coverage. Football is back boys and girls! Finally, FINALLY... football is back.


Will Colts rookie Marcus Howard (#38 in the picture above) look to "reacquaint" himself with Redskins rookie QB Colt Brennan (#15)?

Photo: House of Sparky