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Colts Training Camp 2008: Morning walk through (sans Patriots video equipment)

This morning, the Colts are walking through their game plan for the Redskins, the team they will face in Sunday's Hall of Fame game.  It's funny, but whenever I see "walk through" related to an NFL team, I still think of that bogus Patriots allegation. I know they didn't do it, but it is still something I associate with them based on other blatant rules violations. But enough on them. If you want to read how their camp is going, check out MaPatsFan at Pats Pulpit. Unlike previous seasons, we have some very fun ideas getting tossed around between Pats Pulpit and Stampede Blue for the 2008 season. Ironically, I think I get along better with Pats fans there than I do Bears fans.

Today's walk through will focus on specific things the coaches will look for in the game. What we do know is Jim Sorgi will see more time than if Peyton Manning were playing, and that's a good thing. After watching Sorgi look mediocre (and sometimes downright bad) in practice, he needs to prove he is a legit NFL QB.

We are going to start with our first groups. I think our first offense may play a little bit more than our first defense," Dungy said. "Then midway through the first quarter, we’re going to start to get a look at some of our younger guys and guys we want to see. I would say it’s probably likely that the offense will play a bit more than the defense."

Dungy added that total number of plays, rather than clock time, will most likely dictate how much work everybody gets.

"It probably will be plays. I haven’t really decided [how many] yet, but it will definitely be by plays and we will discuss that [prior to today’s practice]," he said. "Jim [Sorgi] will play a little bit more than Peyton [Manning] normally would have played. We won’t necessarily have all the first [offensive] group in with him all the time. He will get his share of work."

The Colts also made a somewhat significant roster move, dumping WR Charles Dillon and bringing back LB Brandon Archer. Archer was signed by Denver in the offseason, and then released in this past June. With the Colts losing LBers left and right, signing Archer was a big deal. Archer is also a good special teamer.

I'm going back over my notes and collecting thoughts in order to piece together my overall opinions of camp thus far. I also got some good info from folks who work for the Colts and from fans who have been watching camp from Day 1. Some of the info is stuff we already knew (Eric Foster is the guy who the Colts are big on to replace Quinn Pitcock). Other info, like Mike Hart maybe making THE PRACTICE SQUAD was certainly news to me.

I will relay the general feeling I have, which was confirmed by many people in the know and those who have watched from Camp Day 1: This team is very, very, VERY deep. There will be some tough decisions when they need to cut down to 53, and some good players might get shown the door because there isn't enough room on this talented roster.