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I have to stop listening to ESPN

I subjected myself to ESPN's Football Today power rankings by Jeremy Green and big surprise I came away rant ready.

His top 3 were ranked

1. San Diego Chargers

2. New England Patriots

3. Indianapolis Colts

That's not awful, I can deal. Until I listened to his convoluted and contradictory reasoning.

At three the Indianapolis Colts. Not ahead of the San Diego Chargers who have absolutely dominated the Indianapolis Colts. Dominated them. Colts fans can't complain on this one. You guys are the three team. Look at the teams that have owned the series. The two teams ahead of you. The San Diego Chargers, The New England Patriots, they have dominated the series against the Colts.

Um, Jeremy.

The Colts have played the Chargers three times in the last 4 years. The Chargers won three, including two last year. The Chargers 1st win of the 3 was against the 13-0 Colts team that looked totally disinterested after locking up the #1 seed. Besides that game was 3 years ago. There is so much roster turnover that looking at matchups more than a year or two back is useless. The Patriot's ran up a good record vs the Colts for a while but here's the series in the last 3 years.

Colts 3-Pats  1

Those two Chargers games last year? The Chargers won by a total of 6 points. Combined they won by less than a TD. Both games ended with the Colts in the redzone in the closing seconds with a chance to take the lead. A missed 30 yard FG and a perfectly defensed TD pass to Addai by Shaun Phillips is all that stood between the Colts and two wins vs the Chargers.

But Shake, You can't play what ifs. The team wins or it doesn't.

Ok, fine. I can see that line of reasoning. If that's your philosophy I can understand it. On to #2

The New England Patriots....You did not win a Superbowl title last year, so don't tell me the Patriots are not a beatable football team and the team that had them beat, The San Diego Chargers, my number one team on the Green Elevator. If LT is on the field, If Antonio Gates is on the field, the New England Patriots don't have a chance to go 19-0, because they would not have been playing in Superbowl XLII. That game came down to red zone offense that's the reason the Chargers lost and 2 of the top 5 weapons in the redzone did not play in that football game.

(Turns off Podcast)