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The new news on Peyton Manning's knee

Folks, I don't think posting a story from a well known and reputable source like Mike Lombardi is akin to "freaking out" over Peyton Manning's knee situation. We can sit here and call Mike Lombardi names, berate him, and even take a few pot shots at his mom (just for gits and shiggles). But the truth is Lombardi is a very well connected guy, and unlike Mike Florio, Lombardi does not have a reputation for making stuff up. He stated some very specific things in his column, and had the courtesy to respond to one of our own contributors (UFanforreal) that his story is "100% correct."

We can choose to believe or dismiss Lombardi's claim. That's out right. But let's not tear down the man just because he's made this claim. If Lombardi's story turns out to be utter BS, then that will seriously damage his reputation both within league circles and on the net. He seems to care about his rep. If not, why would he start up a new site like The National Football Post? If the site gets an early rep for making crap up, no one will trust it or link to its stuff. So clearly, Lombardi has a lot riding on this.

I'm of the mindset that we should all just play this out. We'll get a firm idea of just how healed Peyton Manning is next week. I've stated my expectations, and said that if those expectations aren't met that it will be then, and only then, that I get really, really pissed. Right now, I'm content to wait it out and see what happens.