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You remember that metric that hated Mike Hart?

Well it does have something going for it. The top 4 speed scores (an improved measure of a RB prospect's actual game speed. Using combine 40 time and weight) from the 2006 draft class:

114.2 Joseph Addai (Our favorite and an elite back in the league)

112.0  Maurice Jones-Drew (the man Tim Jennings will never be)

111.5 Jerious Norwood (He can't block, he's nothing special receiving, he probably can't carry a full time running load, but damn can he kill a defense as a change of pace back).

105.3 Leon Washington (Good returnman, solid #2 back)

If I was going to rank the 5 top RBs from that draft now, I would keep the top 3 from that list put Maroney in at 4, and Bush at 5.

Other notables from that class-

Maroney (hard to get a read on him since he's only been the primary back for a partial season and that was with the Ds focused on one of the top passing offenses ever.)

Reggie Bush (a rich man's Kevin Faulk so far),

DeAnglo Williams (will likely get his shot this year),

Wali Lundy (one solid year for the Texans then vanished)

link (the article is an argument about Reggie Bush, that started with a speed scores discussion).